Monday, June 7, 2010

Triathlon update

Since my last post many things have happened. Through some frustrations, there has been a lot of success. I was referred to a Spine specialist and received a steroid shot in my herniated disc. This turned out to be a bad idea. Instead of helping I had even more pain. At the follow-up appt. they said my choices were another shot and if that didn't help possibly surgery OR (I liked this option the best) go to a physical therapist and see if they could help. I went to Performance Physical Therapy here in Bellingham. Our old friends Torry Lingbloom (part owner) and Ted Molaski work there. Ted Molaski had me purchase the book "Treat your own back" and had me fitted for new orthodics. I am so pleased to share that the exercises and strectches I have learned have incredibly helped. I have decided to do the recreational division which is half of the distance of the competitive one.1/4 mile swim, 10 mi. bike, 2.6 mi. run. Saturday, I did a practice run of the whole event. 8 AM is early and cold to swim especially without a wetsuit. I did the swim, bike and run in 1 hr. and 51 min.'s. I'm very pleased with my performance. No feet or back pain during or after. Hurray!!! Now I have 3 weeks till race day. Feeling very optimistic about my quest.