Thursday, December 30, 2010

Always look on the bright side of life - you never know what's around the corner - Trees with Sweaters!

     I was shopping in Bellingham, Wa. yesterday and was near the Barkley Village Haggens when I spied these in front of the Apple yarn shop!
notice the yarn leaves!

my favorite - this one has character!
Isn't it nice that we can just be out walking and come face to face with
something that can just make you smile?

Just like the song "Always look on the bright side of life".
Click on the YouTube video below to listen to the song.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Stimpson family nature reserve trail run and Seattle 1/2 marathon report

We decided our weekend runs would be trails for awhile. We are kindof tired of our feet pounding on the pavement. For our first weekend run after the race, we picked the Stimpson family nature reserve trail near Sudden Valley. Dogs and bikes are prohibited on the trail. There are a couple options to run. We ran the main loop trail and combined that with the Geneva pond loop. It ended up being about 4.8. Very hilly and chilly. I forgot to bring my camera on the run, I should have, there was some awesome frost formations and the ponds were frozen over. Very scenic.
 Here's a link for info. on the Stimpson family reserve trail

Our Seattle 1/2 marathon went really good. We had reservations at the race headquarters hotel, the Westin. We checked in and our room was really nice and the view from the 16th floor was awesome. After we picked up our race packets, we walked to the Tilikum Place cafe' on Cedar st. by the space needle.
 Link to Tilikum Place Cafe' I have to say it was THE best restaurant food I have ever had. They have a cute window counter table in the bar area that looks out at the street, that was our perch. I highly reccomend eating there and enjoying "our" perch!
The bed!

16th floor view!

We finished the 1/2 marathon in 2 hrs. and 55 mins. and 47 sec's (Dick) 2 hrs. 55 mins. and 48 sec's (me). 4 min.'s  faster than I ran last year. It was so nice to run together, and to finish holding hands. Even though he kindof drug me across the finish field! We got to keep our room key as we stayed in the runners block of the hotel. Every finisher got a long sleeved shirt (they all say "Marathon" even thought there was a 1/2 marathon included in the event that day) and medal (these say 1/2 marathon on them - yay!!). After the race, it was nice to walk back to the hotel for a shower and change of clothes. After our 2 hr. drive home we soaked in baths to keep from getting sore and stiff. Dick in an ice bath, I just couldn't bring myself to sit in ice water, so I just filled the tub with cold water. It was a quick recovery for me. I am now back to my regular schedule and after a short time of a tight left calf - Dick is back to his. Our next goal of a pay to enter event will be the Whidbey 1/2 marathon in April.