Sunday, January 30, 2011

Solace from our northeast wind

We live in a particular part of our area where the northeast wind blows out of the Frazier canyon in B.C. into whatcom county. Today we woke up to clear cold and sunny skies and our wonderful northeast wind. We live north of Bellinham. When we go back and forth the wind starts and stops at the Smith road. It seems to be the dividing line for the cold winds. North of the intersection..brrrrrrrr. South of the intersection no wind chill. Since my husband and I have been fighting colds, we decided it would be best to head towards Bellingham for our walk. We chose the North Lake Whatcom trail, and as expected no wind. A nice cool sunny day walk. Wonderful. The trail is just over 6 miles in length. There are mile markers every 1/2 mile. It's a great wide trail with lots of nice beach stops along the way. We took our beast (Lexis - the Malamute!) with us. We only went 1 mile out for a 2 mile total walk and I was surprised how tired I was when we got back to the car. I guess I need to watch how quickly I get back into my full exercise regime

 Lexis getting a much needed combing out.

I really love how the ferns grow on our trees in the northwest.
This one was especially pretty with one little orange lichen area growing on it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

sick of being sick

Since November I have been fighting some kind of a bug. Everytime I get tired or overdue bang, I get hit again. All this week I have been down AGAIN. Achy, sore throat, sniffy, cough...ugh. Trying to drink alot of water and taking good for me supplements. I seem to be healing from my fall pretty good, my hand is still giving me some problems, and if I touch my forehead in the right places I can still find some tender spots.
Here's the exciting after photos of my fall I talked about on my last post.
bump and bruise on my forehead

sprained hand

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fairhaven, Taylor docks, oops and a fall

Today's run of 7 miles in Fairhaven and on to the Taylor docks was wonderful. It was so nice to run on the water trail again. Part of the span was closed for rennovation, but opened this week.

The very end of my run had a pretty good downhill and somehow I missplaced my step. I ended up falling face first onto a concrete sidewalk and to the emergency room with two good sized bumps on my forehead and a severely sprained hand. sent home with a hand brace and instructions to ice, ice, ice and keep my head elevated. Feeling better now with ibuprofen. Maybe I should start running with a helmet!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Running and birding in Skagit county, 9 eagles in one tree!

I went to one of my favorite places to run today, Padilla Bay trail in skagit county. It's a beautiful place always, but when the weather is clear and crisp like today, it's simply fabulous. It was about 30 degrees no wind, perfect for a bright sunny day run.
Mt. Baker over the fall color Blueberry bushes
On the way down I go through the town of Bow. There is a tree just on the other side of the bridge that usually has a couple eagles in it and today they out did themselves for the birders. I really think there's more than 9 in the tree. Can you count more than 9?
needless to say I didn't have my "high powered" telescope with me

the trail is marked every 1/8 of a mile (so it's a 4 1/4 total) it's great if you want to do any speed work. It's an out and back trail. There are parking lots at both ends. 
The north one has more room. Bonus, they each have a sani-can!

poor Blue Heron, looking for fish through the ice.
Wonderful day for running and birding!