Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seaside and Emerald City Marathons

As I look forward to my marathon, I can't help but look back. 
This Saturday's 18 mile training run with B'ham fit is a marker for me. I decided to investigate just how long it had been since I had run that distance.
It turns out I haven't ran that far since 1986, 26 years ago.
Here's Saturday's 18 mile course in sections:
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

While I was going through my log books. I found this booklet my dad had made everyone in the family for Christmas gifts in 1979!
The cover
He had included several helpful charts.

Plus, some inspirational quotes and pictures.

The back cover
 While I did my researching it was fun to go down memory lane in my log books. 
I am preparing for the Humboldt Redwoods marathon in October. I will probably run it in about 7 hours (I would like it to be more like 6 1/2 hours),
quite a bit after they close the aid stations and the course.
(There is a 5 hour limit, which is when they will let the cars back on that section of the road. After that you're on your own for aid. The official clock may go till 6 hours, so I won't be in the results)
my goal is to just finish.

The first marathon I ran was the Trails End marathon (the pre-entry fee was only $7)  in Seaside, Oregon in Feb. 25, 1978. I had just turned 24 years of age. I had our 3rd child just 6 months before this. Here I am running with my mom. We finished with a time of 4:22:08. 
My mom on the left, me on the right.
We got a trophy for 1st place in the Mother/Daughter division. My father had run it as well (he finished well ahead of us) and we got a trophy for 2nd place in the Father/Daughter division.

I ran the Emerald City marathon in Seattle, Washington. 
March 18, 1984, I had just turned 30 years of age in February.
I ran with my husband and we finished in a time of 3:48:30.

I then ran the Trail's End Marathon again on Feb. 22, 1986.

I earned my 3:30 - 4:00 hour card, at that time they handed out a card if you made it under a certain time. I ran 3:59:54. Whew...just under 4 hours! Such a windy, rainy day that was.
Fun times!