Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Pine area

March 2013 vacation: part 5 - We stopped at Big Pine, Ca. for a travel break and coffee refill & couldn't resist the the chocolate covered strawberries.

A little ways down the hwy 395 we came across this Jerky shop "Gus's" - CRAZY!

We bought dried Mango, Papaya as well as Terriyaki Turkey and Cowboy beef jerkies.

A rest area we enjoy in this area is the Division creek rest area. There are always little fish in the creek. My camera didn't pick them up very well, but they were there.

The area near Lone Pine is where the Whitney Portal (the trailhead for climbing Mt. Whitney - is located.

next post, east from Cramer Junction towards Vegas!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bridgeport and Bishop

March 2013 vacation: part 4 - We were really looking forward to this section of our trip. We found out about Bridgeport and Bishop years ago, they are well worth the stop. Whenever we are in the area these are two "musts" for us.
Here's a link for Bridgeport so you can see some of what's around the area -

We decided to sit in the Travertine hot springs for awhile before heading to Bishop.
I felt like Goldilocks, this one was much too hot
this one was just right......ah!

and the view wasn't bad either -
(click to enlarge the panorama picture)

Between Bridgeport and Bishop is Mono Lake (near the entrance to Yosemite National Park & Tioga Pass)
We took a picture of Mono lake from the viewpoint.

Our next stop - Bishop!
We were on a mission, go to Schat's & get chili cheese bread.

Of course we had to indulge in a bit of Schats.

Mango Sorbet!
Here' the link to their online orders -
Trip to be continued in the next post -