Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oyster Dome, our Thanksgiving day hike

We had our family Thanksgiving last weekend, so we went hiking today! We decided to hike to Oyster Dome, then to Lily lake and back to the Samish overlook via the Larry Reed trail.
What a beautiful day here -
I took this picture on the road, just before we got to the overlook.

click to expand this panorama photo
Panorama photo of the overlook parking area
Me, at the Oyster Dome viewpoint

Since it was Thanksgiving we brought our stove and had a proper cup of tea with our lunch!

Can't get a better view for lunch -

I love this sea of ferns in the forest -

our road crossing -

When we arrived back at the overlook the sun was beginning to set. If you click on the picture below to make larger, you'll see Mt. Rainer in the distance.

I got a sneaky picture of my husband enjoying the setting sun -

and finally a panorama of the gorgeousness - 

On this day of Thankfulness ~ I'm thankful I spent the day at a beautiful place with someone I love.
6.8 total miles

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Campbell Valley Regional Park Trailblazer hike

We went international today and crossed over into Canada for the day's hike. I'd never been to this park before so I was excited to learn about a new place to do some walkabouts!
9 of us met at the Senior center in Bellingham for the carpool into another country. 2 more met us at the park in Canada, So a total of 11 of us enjoyed the crisp, cool, clear day in B.C. It was 28 degree's when I left my house this morning, and it stayed cool for our hike, I doubt if it broke 40 degrees.

Quite a bit of the trail was boardwalk with a roofing type material over it so it wasn't slick.

I thought this entwined tree was wonderful!

part of the forested trail

still some mushroom type plants around, but I suspect that this cold spell may put an end to them

one of the full sun areas of the trail and a little warmth

I thought this was so cute, all of these little plants were covered in frost. Looking very fairy like to me!

I'm not sure what plant these berries are from, but I liked all the color.

Then as we were walking towards the area where we would be eating I saw several of these clumps of ice erupting out of the ground. We had a discussion as to what it was called. I thought maybe Hoarfrost, but Penny said no she thought that the little plants in the water were covered in Hoarfrost. So I googled it when I got home and found that it was Needle Ice. Wonderful ~ I've never heard of this before so my brain was expanded today!

We even got to have a civilized sit down at a table for lunch with a real restroom nearby, such luxury,
With sunshine!

then back through the frosty world & to the cars.

It's a good thing we get along with each other and enjoy one another's company, because we got to have a nice nearly 1 hour long chat while waiting at the Border crossing to get back into our own U.S of A!
Great day for a hike in another country!

Endomondo stats:
5.85 total miles hiked

Thursday, November 14, 2013

North Shore trail Trailblazer hike is good, I got to hike again today. After a break (vacation & bad cold) finally back with the Senior Trailblazers today. Today's hike was just the right one to get back at it, it was nothing strenuous just a nice long walk. 17 of us met together at the Senior Center for the hike. It's an out and back trail located at the north end of Lk. Whatcom, with a mile marker placed at each 1/2 mile. The turn around is just beyond the 3 mile mark. Since I haven't been hiking with them for a spell, I'm going to over share with lots of pictures ;-)
Getting ready at the trailhead -

just a little overcast today, with a few sprinkles -

nice view across the lake -

our group spread out along the way -

foggy view of the waterfall -

the first bridge -

an interesting sight, a police boat -

a new bridge on the trail since I'd been here last, I envisioned a bride walking along this, 
with flowers hanging from the center roof openings. 
My romantic heart showing ;-), we ate lunch here on our way back -

Creek view from the bridge -

cascading ferns -

I liked the way the tree branches framed this just right -

end of the trail, time to turn around -

Penny noticed the tree fossil in this rock, there had been a slide above this area and quite a few of the rocks scattered around had bits of fossils in them -

someone went to a lot of work here, building a swimming pool perhaps?! -

Wonderful day, scenic views and good company. What else could you ask for!?

Endomondo stats:
6.8 total miles hiked
180 Min. altitude
437 Max. altitude
1160 Total ascent
1227 Total descent

Monday, November 4, 2013

3 weeks and counting

How long will it be?..........

It started slow and picked up steam
I'm hoping it's really just a long bad dream
Me trying to be a poet about my ongoing cold.
My activities have been put on hold, while I attempt
to escape this cold.

It's been 3 weeks now, and yes it started innocently enough, just a sneeze here and a runny nose and slight cough there. Then it decided to kick in with a really sore throat, cough, headache, congested head and lungs.

This is how I go through my days and nights:

humidifier - check
water bottle - check
cold medicine - check
vicks - check
sore throat lozenges - check
blanket - check
pillow - check

Some say that the only way to get rid of a cold is to give it to someone else. My husband and I have been sharing our colds with each other in vain. I say here have it, I really don't want it after all, he counters with that's O.K. so nice of you to share but I have one of my own let's trade. and so it goes on.......

maybe if I share it online it will go away, who knows ;-)

p.s. I really hope none of you are suffering with this cold, be forewarned & do everything you can to keep it away.

Now where are those garlic cloves? I wanted to weave them into a necklace.