Monday, May 7, 2012

Kayaking at Fazon lake

Such a nice day today I decided to load my kayak in the van and go for a paddle! You can just see our van and the launch site across the lake.

There are lily pads around most of the shoreline. They were almost ready to bloom. I'll need to go back and get pictures when they do, an interesting thing about the lily pads - they are attached to these big bog roots. Up close they look like the outer part of a pineapple to me.

Nice view of Mt. Baker in the distance.

Thought I'd take a picture of my view from my kayak and then me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Springtime bliss - joy of life

Joy of Spring
by David Whalen

A Spring morning
A warm Breeze
doves cooing softly
Pollen dusted trees

A few brave violets
A red streaked dawn
A very early robin
Earthworms in the lawn

Spring peeper frogs
Smell of dogwood blossoms
Nature's petroglyphs in muddy bogs
Footprints left by possums

Easter eggs and bonnets
Chocolate rabbits, Missing ears
Jelly beans and sonnets
Spilled easter baskets, children's tears

leafy bowers
Spring showers

Spring mornings
Warm breezes
Deep breaths
Allergic sneezes

Smell of Fresh blossoms
Sound of birds as they sing

Joy of of being......Joy of Spring