Monday, February 12, 2018

Mon Oeuvre ~ On Ringo Lake MQ Complete!

Last week on my quilt progress I was wrestling the bulk of the quilt on my lap, over my shoulder and on the table to do the machine quilting of my quilt sandwich. I'm glad my PFaff sewing machine has a large ARM area, so I was able to stuff and roll the quilt up and fit it in there as I worked my way around as I quilted. It was quite the workout. I'm very new to machine quilting. I don't do anything fancy, I'm just happy if I can get my lines straight. Here's the pattern that's visible on the back side of the quilt. I chose a fabric that had a restful pattern to the eye, since the front of the quilt is so busy.

After I finished the quilting, I cut up the binding fabric, I used the same brown that was used in the quilt blocks.

All of the strips were then sewn together and pressed in half lengthwise.

Machine sewing the binding to the quilt top, I then trimmed the batting, leaving 1/4' around the quilt.

Next I hand sewed the binding to the back side of the quilt. In the photos below you can see it completed.

I gifted this Mystery Quilt to my daughter. Her birthday is on Valentines day. I was very happy to have it completed. I delivered it to her over the weekend.

I hope that it will not only keep her warm, but that it will be a comfort to her. 
My thoughts, prayers and love are sewn in to every stitch.