Monday, June 4, 2012

Calf injury anniversary - what a difference a year makes!

It was one year ago this week that I tore my calf muscle. It was a long slow recovery, but I'm happy to say that I ran 10 miles on Saturday and all is well.
Our B'ham fit training run was from Zuanich park on Saturday, as I was running up a hill I saw a large group of walkers coming towards me and was pleasantly surprised to see Djan (her blog: in their midst. I haven't seen her since I left the Trailblazer hiking group. I yelled a quick "hello", and thought I heard a reply. That was a fun moment during the run. My husband started an hour after me and I met him about 1/2 way back on the return of our route. So another bright spot!
After my run I jumped in the car and drove to Snohomish and picked up my 3 grand daughters and then drove on to Sequim to watch my dad run the North Olympic Discovery marathon. He finished 1st in the 75 & up division. He ran 5 hrs. 42 min.'s and 07 sec.'s. So proud of him and his accomplishments. Here's a link of his run last year with some nice pictures of the course and area -
He's also training to run 80 miles on his 80th birthday this coming November. You can read his training blog at this link -

    Grand daughters Ruby and Skylar running near the finish with my dad!